The movie 'American Made' with Tom Cruise implies that crime pays well

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The movie 'American Made' with Tom Cruise implies that crime pays well

The movie is based on TWA pilot Barry Seal who was not satisfied with his $100k salary and figured more money was availible in crime, drug trafficiking that is.

In the late 70s, Barry Seal was just a TWA pilot. Then a CIA handler (played by Domhnall Gleeson) cornered Seal on smuggling cigars right before offering him a job to take surveillance pictures in other countries. From there, Seal begins a decade-long misadventure smuggling everything from drugs, guns, and even soldiers back and forth between North and South America, sometimes for the CIA and other times for a drug cartel, foreign governments, and even the White House. He gained massive wealth from his ventures, and even when caught, instead of doing hard time, he earned salaries from the US government to serve as an informant.

His punishment came in the for of assasination by the Pablo Escobar killing team. At no point in the movie did the message indicate that crime doesn't pay, it seemingly glorifies Seal as a hero.

Category: On Blast!

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